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SleepLess night :-(

I don`t have a big day yesterday, I just went out in the afternoon to attend 5 o`clock mass. And went home right after, and have my book again I`m reading the whole day. I fall to sleep while I`m reading, maybe I got more that an hour sleep. When I woke it was around 8:15 in the evening, I go down to the kitchen for some food, though I not really hungry, I just have a glass of juice and went up again to my room and continued reading, already passed 11 pm when I decided to turn off the light and go to sleep. I know very well that more than hour already passed but still I`m a wake I couldn`t really find myself go to sleep. It was already around 1:30 am at my watch when I get off my bed turn on the light and read again hoping that maybe I would fall sleep by then. But, I didn`t happened, 2:30 am I turn off the light again, close my eyes as if I`m sleeping and wait until my 5:00 o`clock alarm rings, and It does...

What a sleepless night. I don`t really know why. Though, I still have energy for the day but I don`t know how war it will go because I really fell restless. As they say, If you can`t sleep, other/s is thinking of you or talking about you. If this is true, hope they`re done last night so I could have a good sleep later.

kimmy  – (November 24, 2011 at 4:51 PM)  

i also have sleepless night episodes. the doctor gave me something to take but I didn't like it so I just settled for warm milk before going to bed. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, lol!

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