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Be a source of LOVE

Everyone wants to be loved. Every heart wishing to be filled with love. But for some reason we don't acquire this kind of feeling. Feel that our heart is empty, and worse is, think that nobody or even just one cares about it.

But, why not, instead of wishing and wanting it from others to give us. Start it with our self to happen... make the first step. Like that you wish for it, other may do the same. Be the first to reach out.

There will be an instance in our life that we feel lack of love, which is not true, love will always be in our heart, because it's the way it was design, perhaps we need to do a little experiment... seize your heart, and ask, if it was capable of being the source of love for yourself and to extend it to others, even to those whom you think, they don't deserve?

Being able to be the source of love, we are leading our self to get the love we desire. Be reminded... Give and you will receive.

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