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Sad for both

*** sign!!!

* Affected
* Sad
* Worried

I want to do something, but a bit hesitant for it might worsen the situation. Two people that really close to my heart have a misunderstanding. I don't have an idea about things that happened... I have the 4W and 1H question with the situation... Both the two don't want to talked, I just knew about it because one of them said "they are not okey"... that's all no detail.

I know that, they are all grown ups... they have already they own way of making choices. But I can't skip myself, not to feel affected, sad and worried. This is unusual, seeing both and knowing that they are not okey.

Hope I could come up with a good idea to make things well. Because for now, the least or maybe the best that I can do is, accept the situation and wish that everything will be okey even not now but soon...

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