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Is Leo can quit smoking???

I love beer but I hate smoke... !!!

I had a conversation with my friend, Leo about "to quit on smoking"... though he don`t want to bet with me, he can bet to other people, that he can quit smoking... but not on me!!! ( luge daw cia???!!!... maybe because he knows I always win... hehehe! )

To help him win, here are some tips :

1. COMMIT YOURSELF - Make a vow that you want to do it right now... you are really want to quit on smoking. Make a vow not only to yourself, but also other people around you, tell it to your family, and friends, or even write it down. It`s not easy to do, but commit yourself fully.

2. HAVE A MOTIVATION - Know and have a purpose why you want to quit, this will be your reason every time urges comes. List it down and better to print it down. This reason will serve as your reminders, everyday during the process of quitting. The 1st week would be crucial week, but when you get through with it, the rest will follow.

3. SHIFT YOURSELF, BE BUSY - your "Urge" to smoke, mostly comes on your free time, during breaktime, after meal, you feel stress... you can engage in some sports, it maybe an indoor or outdoor games. Every time you feel the urge to smoke, shift your attention on other things, the best is have a conversation to the person nearest to you, have a joke. When you`re stressed, take a walk, deep breathing would do. Also, avoid, those common places you usually smoke.

4. MAKE IT WAIT - In time you have the urge, delay it... tell yourself it can wait, you can drink water, eat food, gum and candy are very much helpful at first. Do anything, just to delay it, until such time that you don`t even notice your urge to smoke over.

5. BE POSITIVE - Perhaps, this is not the first time to attempt to quit smoking, but for some reason you failed. Learn from those reasons that make you failed. This time,be more positive, tell yourself you can do it and you will.

There you have it Leopotzkie ... Goodluck!!! ---->>> cross finger!!!

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