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Answered Prayer

I thought when I had a sleep I will feel better, but I woke up this afternoon still I'm not feeling well. I feel so groggy. Last night, because of some unwanted error on my software I bragged myself to finished my work load so I can met my deadline. Lucky enough, I made it just on time.

Result, I got headache, on my way home, I feel dizzy and cold. So, I just take some food and 2 glass of water and up to my room to sleep and have some rest. Still not No good. I remember, today is Thursday, and I had an schedule web meeting at work at 9:00 pm. How I wished and prayed that it would be canceled because I'm not really in mood to catch up things.

God is great, when I open my Lotus Notes, I had a mail from Mr. Xin, my in-charge partner in RDNA, informing and requesting that our web meeting would be cancel due to some conflict on their schedule. Really answered prayer.

Thank you Lord...

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