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Sadness and Joy

Farewell Lola

The whole family is grieving for Lola pia`s death. She may rest in peace. At the age of 101, last Tuesday afternoon Lola finally surrender her body and soul to God. Yes, we feel the sorrow of losing love ones, but we feel more joy in our hearts because we all know that Lola is already in God hands now.

Since the day my sister broke the news to me, I haven`t cry, not until now. Though, I`ve been prepared and expected it to happened. Still, the feeling is different facing the real thing. As my time of going home come closer, one by one sink in to my head. I could feel the great sadness at my heart for the situation and event I`m going to witness by tomorrow. If by now, I can resist my tears, I know by then I can`t.

We`re so lucky and blessed more than enough for having her in our life. Her loving heart and caring hand will always be remember. She`s been the great inspiration of the whole family. Her simplicity, humility and kindness will be cherish for the rest of my life. I know everyone will miss her. The old place will not be the same, now that she`s gone. But I know, Though, her presence will not be seen, yet all the memories of her will always remain.

We love you Lola. We thank you for the best life you`ve shared with us. We thank you for the great love you filled in our hearts. I. thank you for everything. What I have now, is something I owe to you.

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