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Love vs friendship

Falling in love to a friend is not new to me. I've been there a couple of times. (hehehe) Although, I could say, those are just... admiration on things I saw on them that catch to my attention. And I don't need to make an effort to make them feel the same way with me. Because, "it's just a little crush" hehehe.

Recently. I've learned that it's not easy to deal with this case. If a good and close friends of yours confined with you that, he/she likes you in special way. At first, you will thought, it was just a joke!... but when he/she pursue it with you!... you can deeply feel the pressure. Friendship is at risk.

Though, everything can be settled. You can talk to what are the pros and cons of the situation.and all the possible option that you have to make things work for both of you. That what ever you may decide you two are comfortable with it. Because the big challenge for this, is whatever will happened no big impact change to the friendship that you have. Although, there is no guarantee that it will work smoothly, but the foundation of friendship will count on that.

Saying goes " Friends can be lovers, but lovers can't be to friends"
but also quoted ... "In every rule, there is always an exemption" ...

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