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DOS.MIL.UNO Dream Team

The boys got an idea to join on the summer basketball game in Pasig. They are the team DOS MIL UNO. Although not all of them are members of our batch, but they are all Gubatnons. Common friends since High school who are already working here in Manila. Boys, are all excited with their game which will open on Sunday, March 25, 2012. Yet, their uniforms are not finished. (Hehehe). They are supposed to pick-up the uniforms last Wednesday, but it is not yet done. They have to go back on Saturday night and hopefully it`s okey already.

For three consecutive weekends they do practice of at least 2-3 games. Last Saturday I was able to watched their practice and it`s not bad. All team members are really doing an effort to make it for the game. Most of them, give an extra time for the practice since they have also work schedule. And I also enjoy watching their practice game with all the "kinkoy" moves inside the court... Hahaha!

This is the 1st time they will be joining basketball league here in Manila. And all of them are positive to make it to the championship. I have a good vibes also for them... hehehe! Well, they should be, because the whole batch supports them. And of course I will be cheering for them in all their games.

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