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Vacation galore

I`m pretty much excited for the five days vacation next week. We`re going home. I and him decided to spend our holy week in Bicol. This is the first time, we`re going home together and spend a long vacation together. This is the advantage when you both came in same place.

Last week together with our friends, we`re talking about what`s our plan for the Holy week. I`m still undecided if I will go home or not, because my Ate still don`t have final decision about their plan of going home with the kids. But yesterday, my brother-in-law decided to stay here in Manila. Since, they will stay here, I can leave and go for vacation galore. (hehehe)

We also think for the option of going out of town travel, but since we don`t have much time to prepare considering the budget. We both agreed to have our vacation in our own home town. We know the place very well, so we don`t need to plan our iterinary. Aside from joining to the church activity for the the Holy week, we also have places wants to visit. I`m just hoping good weather will join us also. I know this would be lots of fun and surely we will enjoy our vacation together.... Hoooorrrayyyy :)

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