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I`m happy with Him

Every girl wants to be treated like a princess. It feels good if someone shows how special I am. That one man have courage to take care of me. And always there to give a hand if ever I need one. I always say, that I know how and I can always take care of myself, but still I want to have a man who can make me believe and prove to me that I can`t, because he wants to do it for me. Sweet, isn`t it? (hehehe)

I know, some will question "why him?", there is much better or best than him that I should choose. Yes, maybe true enough! but I`m not asking and looking for the best, I had one before!... What I want is someone who is real.

Although, as of this time I`m still weighing things. I`m thankful that finally there is one out there make me believe again that love has it`s own magic. Thant when you are together, time is not enough. No necessary topic to brought out for you to enjoy talking to each other. Yes! I`m happy every time I`m with him. (aayyiieee.. kilig)

As we`re both busy doing some stuff with our life, we don`t have to be committed to each other, as girlfriend and boyfriend. We`ll just enjoy what we have now, as the feeling is mutual, no pressure. By the time we`ve accomplished everything and still we`re together. I know that would be a happy ending.

rheapotskie –   – (March 16, 2012 at 8:25 AM)  

naks... hmmmm.. mag-share ka naman jan.. hahaha..

happy for you =))

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