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I`m "In relationship"

Just to share my new status... single Gilay is now signing off... hehehe! Yes, I`m "in relationship". I thank God for giving him to me. Not the best, not perfect but someone who is true. I`m happy that I have him in my life now.

We`re good friends for years. I don`t even expect that our friendship will turn to a romantic relationship. The time he confessed with me, I thought it was just a joke but when pursue it with me seriously, I feel I`m in trouble because of the friendship that we have. At first I`m really hesitant, I don`t want to take risk on our friendship. But, I don`t know what happened and what he did... I just wake up one morning I`m missing him.

It`s feel good to have someone in your life. You always looked forward for the next happy day. Have inspiration to be good and be at your best. Life is not that heavy because there is someone make it light for you.

Now that God give him to me, I can`t promise of anything. I`m just wishing and praying that our LOVE will last forever. I lover you :)

rona  – (March 31, 2012 at 2:12 PM)  

Wow! So kilig naman! Enjoy your love life, stay happy and inlove! Your sexiness! Haha

Gilay  – (April 2, 2012 at 12:30 PM)  

hahahahah... thanks :)
sa wakas... gumana din ang sexiness ko!,,, ahhahaha

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