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Bakasyon Grande :)

I never expect that our vacation will be that happy and successful. I could say, it was one of the best vacation I ever had. I really enjoy a lot. Even it was not plan very well, everything went smoothly. We had a safe trip back and fort. The weather is good. Almost everything that we want to do has been accomplished. We really thank God for giving us that kind of opportunity a time spent together with our family and friends.

Wednesday around10:30am,we just have a quick drop at our individual houses to change and went to Rizal for my Lola`s 30 days. There, we meet the oldies on my side. Since this was the first time that we went home together. I have to introduced him,not only to my immediate family but to the whole clan.Hehehe! Nervous at first,but were able to manage. Same thing,when he introduced me on his side,though I already know his mom and all of his brothers, only to his Dad. Still, it was different to be introduced being his girlfriend, because I don`t know what do they expect.If they will like me or not. Good thing, we feel good vibes and support from both parties.hehehe!...In the evening,Ronald invite at Rizal beach, jamming session and catch up things with some of my childhood friends. They have prepared "hinagum"... wow! sarap :)

On our second day, we wake up early in the morning, we left at home around 4:45 am and went to the beach. We have little walk at the seashore. Build sand castle and go swimming for almost an hour. At 7:30 am, we`re home again and have breakfast. Then, we looked for our reservation ticket, sad because we`re not able to get ticket for April 9, fully booked already, so we decided to get the available seats for April 8. We really have to make most of our time because we were less by one day. We decided to drop at Benad house and have our lunch at Paco in Kuya Mark`s place. Payting and Benad do the cooking for our lunch. we have our siesta at bahay Kubo, nice fresh air. In the afternoon, the boys get buko... hmmmmm! sarap... fresh sweet buko juice. I miss a lot of this things for years.

For our third day, it was Good Friday already. Since for catholic practice, no eating of meat is strictly observe during Good Friday. And also less outdoors activities except those on the church. As part of our bonding we spent our time in cooking in their place together with his three brothers. While we are cleaning and preparing the malunggay vegetable for lunch, his kuya volunteered to cook the pacit we buy at the market for breakfast. Then, Paul also volunteered to scraped the coconut for Malunggay. And Payt is the one who cook the ginataang malunggay, I`m the sample taster... hehehe! After cooking, we took some to bring at home for our lunch. It was really nice, that we came both are in same place. Exchange or sharing dish is not that difficult. Hahaha! (Tipid). In the afternoon, we joined the "Prusisyon" it was around the publacion and almost all the symbolic image and all the saints of the Catholic church are present.

As planned, on Black Saturday we have our outing at Orok cold spring. At 5:00 am we`re are already at the market for our foods need to bring. We have ginataang langka, pusit, fish to grill, watermelon and some snacks. Around 10:00 am, we arrived at the spring, the place are almost full. Lucky, one last cottage left for us. They boys prepared the fish to grill and start the bottle session. Jamming and bonding time for all. Drinks, foods, picture time and swimming at very cold water. At 2:00 pm pack-up time, at 3:00 we`re home. But, still we have schedule, because Miles father passed away, we have to go to extend our condolences and give her support that we`re just around. Tiring day! yet very fruitful.

Easter Sunday, our last day. As part of the tradition, we have so called "Salubong" because we want to join as early of 3:00 am we`re awake. Salubong start at 4:00 am Christ the king and it was followed by mass, almost 6:00am when it was finished. We decided visit ate nene at Benguet since we are going back in manila by afternoon. I was able to roam around in our own backyard very relaxing and refreshing all the toxic in me was remove. At 9:00am we`re back in town ate breakfast then went to cemetery to visit Papa`s grave. And go straight to the venue of kite making activity, super hot sunny weather but I really enjoy! We`re home before lunch, get rest and prepare again going back in real world. Five days is little bit short yet good enough we really enjoy and had the best time.

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