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Surprise from Him :)

Him acting weird this past two days. His temper is hot and cold!!! hehehe. I can`t talked to him seriously over the phone. We`re having Q&A portion... one question one answer! and most of it is "yes", "no" and okey... and honestly he is getting into my nerves too! hmmmm... feeling like, my patience is being tested.

He is supposed to fetch me at Alabang, coming from the office early this morning. But he wasn`t able to wake up on time. I`m already in Alabang, when he answer my call. We juts decided to met halfway and have breakfast at Mcdo and bring me home right after. Then, past 12:00 noon, he text me that, he was going to drop by and come with me to Alabang. But, since I need to by a gift, I replied to met him in Ayala instead and from there we go to Alabang.

On our way to Alabang, I asked him, why he is acting weird for the past 2 days, he just smile and said "nothing... I just miss you"... wow, so sweet ( kilig naman ako) :), to his sweetness, I also replied "I miss you too" ayyiieieee...! Then, he said, "for you not to miss me, I want to give you something, that when I`m not around just hold it so you could feel my presence, It`s in my necklace"... I thought, He is going to give me his necklace... so I said, "no it`s yours, I`m okey", because I know, it was like his lucky charm. But, he said... no, just pull my necklace! and I was so surprise when I saw the ring. Speechless!!! I just hug him and say thank you! and He give me a kiss :)...

rheapotskie –   – (April 17, 2012 at 9:20 AM)  

hmmmm... so sweeeeetttt... ^_^!

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