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For a Job well done

One of the best reward for a job well done is, you will be given the opportunity to do more. There is no work will not be paid of, maybe not by instant but with patience it will be given. Sometimes. its not by monetary, but some recognition.

With the good news that I have receive, I'm happy because I was blessed with a good opportunity. Added more responsibility and greater challenge with my job. I'm so grateful that people around me believe on my potential and capabilities doing the job. Lucky I am that I have partners and colleagues easy to work with. That makes me more comfortable doing all the task given to me.

My hardwork has been paid. I love my job from the start. But I appreciate double it now. The new challenge boost my enthusiasm to make more of myself. Be more creative and innovative towards my job. Be a good example and a leader to others.

I'm extending my deepest gratitude to all... God bless and more power to the company.

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