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Self makeover

I have this in mind, self makeover for me!... I talking about physical change on my looks. Change my hair style, outfits, accessories and whatsoever!!! hehehe! I don`t have much knowledge about "fashion". But I do know how to appreciate it, what`s NEW and IN. Thinking this makeover, really a big challenge.

I`m very particular with my hair. Most of the time I just let it trimmed to removed split ends. I go for hot oil maybe twice a year. I cut it short 6 years ago??... Now, I`m thinking to cut it again maybe above shoulder. I really have to convince myself to go for it. The gorgeous Ferry suggested, curly hair is good. I don`t know if I can go to that extent of makeover, from long straight air to curly one. I have my curly hair once, but only for one day!, and it`s nice too. What I`m really worry about is, the more damage it my cause because of the medicine they have to apply.

I have to look or add some new on my wardrobe. I`m more on pants, walking shorts and T-shirt. Because I`m comfortable with it. For this aiming, the next time I have to buy, maybe I should have to go for some skirts, blouses and casual dresses. For two days, I`ve try to wear skirts going to office... well, not bad...(hehehe).

From rubber shoes and flip tops, I have to go for doll shoes and sandals. With my bag, backpack to ladies bag! And of course, form this time, I will not use cap more often, even I`m in night shift schedule. Maybe , instead of that, I will put some hair clips or use head band. (nyahaha). Honoestly, my serious with this... ! (crossed finger)

kha  – (February 24, 2012 at 7:44 PM)  

I am so excited for this make over marce.. been there too. masaya mag transform lol..super support ang lola mo here sampu ng aking maliit na pamilya.

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