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Bonding time with Kuya

It's good that Kuya taking his Masters degree here in Manila, we can spend time to have bonding after his class. His schedule is very tiring, but I know he can make it. He will travel every Wednesday night from Bicol to Manila. Have his class Friday and Saturday in La Salle. After his class at Saturday night, he will be back to Bicol for his class teaching schedule from Monday to Wednesday. Very exhausting!!!

Last night, instead of going back to bicol after his class. We catch time to watch movie. We both like Denzel Washington, one common on us. That is why, we don't want to miss Denzel's movie... Safe House. We're late for 8pm show, so we take the last fullshow, 10:30pm. We just roam around MOA while waiting for the last show. We looked for books, I buy hotwheels, and take pictures around.

I really had a good time with my brother, I hope we can do it more often ;-)

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