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My Sweet niece

With her Mom, they went to Market Market, to buy books, I think Andrea needs it for school or book that she wants to have to read. When they arrive. she said... Tita this is for you, and it was little Spongebob. I was so touch when ate dea handed me this little stuff toy. She knows very well that I love Spongebob, I have already big one on my room.

So thoughtful and sweet that she give me other one. With all the happy thoughts in my mind, I'm speechless... I just replied to her... wow, thank you. Aside from that, she also have for his little brother, Angry bird bag. And I know, she buy it with her own money that she saves from her school allowance.

I won't deny, that sometimes ate dea is a bit stubborn and hardheaded, but I understand, at age 13 it's part of being a teenager, I've been also like that before... hehehe, worst, I may say! But, I'm one proud Tita for her!!!

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