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Heart beats :)

It`s true, you can never tell, whom you will fall in love with. Sometimes to the most unexpected one. But, still no matter who it was, what important is, you are happy. Your heart beats with joy every single day that you wake up and every minute that passed your are inspired.

Great feeling when someone treat you in a very special way. Make you feel how important you are. Give extra time with you. Someone that is proud of you. When you feel that you are loved, it`s also easy for you to give love in return. It may not be in same level but you learned to care and give importance to someone.

Having an inspiration in your life give extra strength to you in doing things. Your life is more on the positive side. You can smile even how stressful the days is. It gives more meaning and reason to be happy. Love really has its own magic, it makes impossible things possible in mysterious way. You may not see it but your heatbeat can tell.

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