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For My 2012

This is not a new years resolution just maybe a plan
on how I want my 2012 to have. Also, so that at the end
of the year, I have something to check if I have accomplish

1. I have to gain more weight. (hehehe)
2. At least one out of town travel.
3. Join at least two fun runs.
4. Could start my own advocacy
5. Save more

I make it five instead of ten, so that it would not be too big and
heavy for me. Besides, what I want for 6-10 is fill-in my lovelife...
hahahahah, anyways, God will provide me that ;-)

Goodluck to me on my 2012.

rona  – (January 9, 2012 at 4:29 PM)  

Ikaw na Gilay! Papataba Ka? How sexy are you ba? Di bale makikita na kita sa christening ng baby ni Kha! See you soon!

Dalaw ka ulit dito.

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