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Sad note! (**sign)

There are times that no matter how we do good to others, they will treat it the wrong way. Sad... but true!!! Things that happened in the past, are things that considered as done. I give second chances, to make things better or perhaps fix things for the best.

I learned to forgive and forget, but saved it lessons. In everything I do, I do it with good intention. But still, it's not on my hands, how other people would looked at it. Other people, may judge me base on the past, yet they really don't know what's in my heart at the present. You can say and think anything you want to me, but it doesn't mean that was I am.

I'm not really a girl of detail. But, Yes and No answer matters to me. I value my word as much as I value others. I shared as God blessed me. Yes, I expect, but not much. And I dream as everyone does.

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