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I wish I could Drive

I love so much myself in this picture, being seated on the driver`s seat, hands on the steering wheel and feeling like a professional driver, yet make me feel sad, the fact that I don`t really know how to drive. Same thing that I will miss the one who took this picture

I love cars, though I don`t have much knowledge about the specs of each model but seeing those beautiful design, that was really amazing things to me. I have some match box hang on my closets` door. And every time I opened  it and see those little cars makes me smile and wish that one day I could drive even just one of them.

Having my own car is not as much as my dream of having my own house. But I really wish I will know how to drive too. If I will be able to drive soon that would be a big achievement for me. Because it was a great skill to acquire as a woman.

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