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At last I have "The Alchemist"

The first time I saw this book at the bookstore, knowing one of the best seller, translated in different languages, make me wonder what`s the story "the Alchemist" really all about,  that most people from commoners to high profiles buy this book or want to have a copy of it. Makes me considered also to buy one for myself. I love to read novel particularly adventures and fictions. But I don`t have a hobby of buying books, I bought some also but most of the time I just borrow books from my friends that I want to read. I want to own a book that was gift to me because it takes something extra special.

Last Saturday, Eman called that the books I will be needing for the review is ready, so we agreed to met the following day, Sunday afternoon. I was surprised because he just told me that books are just about 4 inches thick all, but what he brought is one big eco bag full of books that would be around 5 kilos or more. As I scanned the books inside, there is one on top put in a separate eco paper bag. I asked him, what is it, because I thought it`s for him, he smile and said... You guess, I bought this a week ago and I know you will like it.! Guessing in my mind I grab it to his hand and as I opened it, I was really surprised,  I have in my hand the book I wanted so much to have a copy of my own.  I just smile back at him and say thank you. I was speechless of his thoughtfulness.

I`m not yet finished reading but no worries I`ll post what is it all about once I`m done :)

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