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Three Ninja off to Roadtrip

I miss doing this, and I claimed myself  to today as leader Blue ninja... hahahha  with the other two red ninja with me is kuya Allan and Mr. Nakashima. Good thing they invited me to come with them. It`s me that really make this trip more fun and amazing! hehehe

Week before we descend, Big Boss asked me about beaches which is good go. My suggestion is either in Quezon or Batangas part. I give him some online sites for him to view and choose where he wants to go. But I highly recommend to him the places in Laiya Batangas, because of long shoreline and white sand. 

Seven o`clock of Saturday we depart in Manila, we expect our travel time would be 3hrs drive. And so lucky, first Big Boss has not yet decide where he wants to go, and  don`t have even the map I remind him to bring, all he say is " Want to see the sea" :))). Second, even Kuya Allan don`t know how to go to Laiya. So, we make some calls for help. Thank you for those people who patiently replied on us about our headings. 

We arrived at Laiya 10:15 already, we start our resort hopping since we don`t have reservation. It was Saturday, expected to be lots guest in every resort. I think we inquired in about eight resorts. And it`s either fully booked, walk-in is not allowed and resort is exclusive for land owners. It was only Virgin Beach resort is available to accommodate us but a little expensive compared with the others. But we decided to settled there instead of looking for another one. 

Because its already 11:00, we don`t avail the day tour package, we just pay for the entrance fee, parasol rate, parking fee and for the food we just go for the Ala cart. But because the resort is having a buffet for the day tour guest we have to wait until 2:00 pm to make our food orders. And the only food that we have is cookies and kitkat chocolate.

I know the red ninjas are already hungry especially Big Boss because he don`t ate breakfast. And the sun is really up and hot to bad to go for a swim. All we can do is to wait at the parasol until 2:00 pm. To forget about our starving stomach, we deviate our attention on playing card, good thing Kuya Allan brought one. We taught Mr. Nakashima to play unggoy-unggoy, lucky 9, and tong-its! Nice play Sir, you learned it that well. 

Until 2 o'clock comes, so ready to eat. For our food, we order carbonara with butter bread, special halo halo, and special turon. The serving of carbonara is almost good for two person for me. The halo-halo is place in tall glass, and the turon is two pieces cut into two making it four. After eating half of my carbonara, I`m already full, I just ate half of halo-halo and turon and I was super full. But the two ninjas with me, they really have big stomach. They almost ate all their food or maybe they are super gutom! hahaha 

We finished our meal around three o`clock and we`re ready for swimming. We go for beach Kayak first for 30 mins I think. I enjoy paddling against small waves, but got scared too every time I was about to fall though I have safety vest also. Kuya Allan knows how to swim, and Mr. Nakashima is really a good swimmer I`m envy them both ;((... But I enjoy the saltwater even I`m just near the seashore. hehehe. Although the sands grain is not fine but it's white. And I had fun burying myself to the sand, and even the two help me too. 

Exactly 6:00 pm we left the resort, our travel is little faster as compared going there because we know already the route. Along the way, Mr. Nakashima ask for dinner maybe he got hungry again after our almost 3 hrs swimming. We looked for some good place along the way, but we didn`t find one, so we decided to drop at Paseo or Nuvali for dinner. Big Boss asked suggestion for a place that serve good and delicious food. First come to my mind is the Pig-out.

Pig out stock of the town and grilled platter

We ordered trio sinigang, sizzling pusit, grilled platter, and sisig rice. And the three of as has the stock of the town for our drinks. All the servings is good for four person and we`re only three, so we`re having food trip again. We enjoyed the food it`s really good and delicious as per Big Boss comment, even the water they serve is really refreshing. 

We go right after we ate, it`s almost 9:30 pm, and this time Mr. Nakashima do driving. Around 10:10pm I`m home. The whole is day is super enjoy. I don`t even feel tired... It`s really amazing whole day! Again thank you for the invitation!...
Super cool ninja road trip :D

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