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Be an Instrument of Kindness

To be an instrument by the kindness of other people to share and give what they have is really a great pleasure to me. Especially if its also for those people whom really close to heart too. It feels good that in a way or other I`ve been part of doing goodness to others.

And more surprisingly, you will received thank you e-mail from the donors. Super heartwarming and inspiring    that life is good and beautiful and this because goodness and kindness is everywhere.

I received e-mail just an hour ago :)

Dear Ms. Gerlie,

Thank you very much for your greetings and your kind wordings. I was really surprised and so happy when I read your email. I was also so happy when I saw the picture !

I know our donation is only small one, but it comes from the depth of our hearts, and I hope together with the donation from all other lovely families of Benguet, the children will have a good start into their future.

Please give my warmest regards to all the children and the lovely families of Benguet.

Thank you very much again.
May God bless you all.

I did not show the signature, for it should be kept as anonymous! And I know, I`m the one should be thankful for them for the kindness of heart that they have. Thank you so much, I`m so happy doing this all.
More blessing to everyone!!!

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