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To Mr. Yoshiya Nakashima

Dear Mr. Nakashima,

It sad knowing that you`re going back to Japan. And there is nothing we can do about it. It`s part of the plan since the first day you arrived, you just have a years of contract to work with us in FRDP.

We started in same year, 2009, I`m just ahead about two weeks, I think. But I first meet you and you officially introduced to me on our company sportsfest since during your first day I was on training in Alabang. At first, you was really so quite and look so serious on your workstation, and there are days I don`t even hear your voice, make me so shy to approach you for some. I just think, maybe because we`re having communication barriers, Japanese to English and Tagalog. But it does not took me a long time, to appreciate you, that you are really nice and approachable, because you really do your best to communicate with us.

For four years working working with you, me as one of your subordinate I see how you improved yourself in English. How you able to adopt to our environment and to live with our culture. Now, sometimes you are the one correcting my English grammar and spellings. First one to make jokes and laugh loud inside the office and during our hand over meetings. Making fancy faces and using "slang" tagalog words. Too far from the first Mr. Nakashima that I meet :)

In a way or another, you become part of our life. Each of us associates have different stories to tell about you. In your own little way, you make us smile or even burst into laughter. Perhaps, at one point you touch our lives to be better one. As you say... Work Hard :)

Your commitment and dedication to your work is really admirable. I`ve worked for other managers and you are one of the few I really looked up. You earned my respect. You're not perfect, because no one does, but you have it all. You have a great sense of responsibility and accountability, with all the schedule that you have, web meeting, e-mails, phone calls, design and drawings checking, documents and analysis checking, you never failed to be happy and smile everyday and that is something remarkable about you. You`re very low profile Boss, you correct yourself and accept your mistake without hesitation, I salute you for that. With all that have mentions and others that did not, two thumbs up, great job for four years. You already set good standard for your successor to follow. As one of the leaders, I will give Mr. Sekiguchi a fair and equal support that he might be needed. And we will make sure, what you have started will not be put to waste.

Of course, I will not end this letter without saying thank you for everything you shared. Thank you for sharing your knowledge towards our job, you taught us with your best. Thank you for all the pasalubong you brought for us. Thank you for all the treats you have given to us. And personally, I`m lucky and little spoiled of you, thank you for all the matchboxes that I love most and to other gifts you have given to me, maybe small little things for you but I truly appreciate. Remember, it's the thought that counts, and I will treasure it all. But most, thank you for trusting and believing on my capabilities. You treat me not only as one of your employee but as a friend somehow. And that is one thing I will never forget about you.

It`s really good working with you Big Boss and the four years has been great!!! Stay Cool :)

As you go back to Japan, have a safe trip. We were going to miss you. Definitely, I will miss your clumsiness in walking! you never failed on that :))... I wish you all the best for your next assignments and happiness with your family. May God bless you more. Looking forward to work with you again! Until next time and see you soon.


Respectfully yours,

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