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Strike Two!

Maybe I need to accept that I have to deal with it from time to time, but cross finger, please not for forever!!! It would be a head cracking thing for me. I have patience in understanding things, but I think I have to work with in more. Things are nearly getting into my nerves.

Now I have questions in my mind, if I made the right decision, if I choose the right  thing in accepting the opportunity. Most people say, I deserved it, and with humbleness I honestly believe that I deserved it too. But being in my shoes know, I`m having a hard feelings in dealing on some things and situation because sometimes, it shakes me totally.

As what I`ve said, I may not be kind nor I`m not a goody goody girl. But I have my patience. And yes, no need to please me, just don`t give me reason, that what is due would be no more. Like others, I have flaws and weak points too.

Having two strike is enough, making it three that would be too much... 

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