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Tears of Happiness

One of my elder sister has a schizophrenia for years, at first it was really hard to accept, I don`t know which is more difficult, having a cancer or being mentally ill. For years, we try everything that can for her to get well, but I think those has not been enough, until such time even she herself don`t want to go for medication. She just want to stay in the house, insulated herself to the world, or perhaps create her own world that she is the only one can understand. She hated other people to come and visit her, even her friends, but the most even us, her own family. She even not recognized us, even Mama who is always there for her everyday. Watching and taking care of her spite of sometimes she got physically hurt.

After Holy week last March, I convinced Mama, that we should try again for Ate Ne. We really need to forced her, she is being tied by my brother and two cousins. It`s been to risky to travel her from Bicol up to here to Manila. We`re are thankful for those people who help us specially in providing ambulance.

First Ate was admitted to the Out- Patient Section for observation. There, she was force to take medicine, and to take good sleep. After four days the Doctor give her clearance for home medication, but give us also second option to take her to a home care, like in Pavilion 6. We choose the second, not because we don`t want to take care of her, but we know it is better if she is in the hand of of some professionals.

After a week of staying in Pavilion 6. This is really an answered prayer for my family. It`s been a longs years we prayed for this to happened that at one point Ate Ne will recognize us. I`m tears when I was able to hug her and she hug me back so tight without resistant. Like the way when were kids. She even ask me why I`m crying while tapping my back. She was asking where is everyone, all my Ates, Kuya, Mama and the kinds. I can`t resist form crying form time to time. Tears of happiness. Little by little Ate Ne is coming back with us, and I know she can make. God is with us along the way, and with His grace and love Ate will be home soon.

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