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A Dose of Motivation

Monday, start of a week in the in the office. Better to start it with good vibes and it will carry through out the the end of the week. As it said, start well and it will ends well. Business is as usual inside the office, everything is in place and normal. Associates are doing good with each individual work schedule. 

But during our leaders meeting, the mode as has change, as I looked at the chair where Big Boss usually seated during that start of the meeting, and now it`s empty. And it becomes more gloomy as AVP announced it again. I just take a deep breath and have a bitter sweet smile. But the meeting ends well. 

I know I`m going to face changes in my work comfort zone. But things must go on. This is a challenge to cope up. At some point I need to start with the new. But what is good is I have already acquired weapon to win over the inevitable change and more over to achieve for the best.An additional little dose of motivation each day, for sure it would be a perfect blend. 

zig ziglar quoted : 
"People often say that motivation doesn`t last. 
Well, neither does bathing. 
That`s why we recommend it daily"

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