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A blessing & a new Endeavor

Once again, God shows me his love. Thank you for this another blessing, an Easter gift, new life`s endeavor on my career. Although, a week ago, it was already mentioned to me by my our VP, but it was effective officially today, April 01, 2013, I was promoted as Assistant Supervisor. :)

With all my heart I humble myself, really hard work pays off and this is it. It`s a new adventure, new path to take and more challenge to face. I offer this to God, to my family especially to Mama, and to all people so dear to my heart who are always there to support me and give me courage to take off. I love you all.

It has a responsibility and accountability  to take being a leader, I`m accepting it today and looking forward for the days that I can serve in my own little way. Guide me, Oh  God.

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feRry jHoi ^.^  – (April 15, 2013 at 1:20 PM)  

t'was a big blessing indeed, and pretty sure that there's a lot more to come because you truly deserve to have that!!!

>> cheers! Gerl, you know that I'm honestly happy for you!!!

>> mwahness ♥

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