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A day to celebrate :)

Being in relationship is not always fun, you both will go ups and down along the way. I can say as girlfriend, my character and attitude has been tested for how long and how much I can handle things. My patience and level of understanding on things and situations between me and HiM were shaken off because I and HiM are totally different two individuals... (^_~). Loving him, means accepting and embracing HiM as a whole.

It`s a day to celebrate, one year that we`re together not only as girlfriend and boyfriend but also best partners in everything. HiM for a year, become my best friend that cuddle me and gives me comfort. A lover that treat me like a princess and also the best enemy who brings out the best in me.

I`m so thankful that our love to each other made it for a year and I`m praying that we will make it last forever. We just have a simple dinner as we celebrate our anniversary, no banquet of flowers, sweet chocolate, or a bottle of wine. What matters to us is we`re together sharing same old stories, reminiscing the whole year that passed happy and in love. I won`t promise for anything but I`m always be thankful to God that I have you now.

Agave Mexican Cantina at Bonifacio High Street, give us a mouth watering food for dinner, that really satisfy our tummy's.  Very nice place for us celebrating our anniversary as well as to chill and relax for a night that we`re together.

Happy Anniversary Mahal Ko... I love you (^_~)

kim  – (March 28, 2013 at 7:42 AM)  

WOW! that was very sweet. congratulations, girl! may you have many more anniversaries to come..

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