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Very tiring weekend but so much fun with my high school friends. This our first get together for this year, and all this happened because Mhean is here again. Though, a little sad why she had an early vacation, due to her Mama passed away. With our condolences, we are also  thankful that our friend is so strong moving on with her life.

Nothing compares the bonding that we have when we`re together, the smiles and laughter in each everyone face can`t deny the happiness and fun we have even for one and half day that we`re one place. There are so much jokes and stories being shared, admitted that we really miss each other.

Although, the group is not complete, DosMilUno are be friends forever... Until next time guys :))

Anonymous –   – (March 11, 2013 at 12:14 AM)  

c u mhean

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