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Be Inspired by NATURE

World of design in manufacturing and architectural has evolved far enough. Change of technology has a vivid role in the development in  response to the change of time. Early years of development, costumers is the one determining what to change and what to be design, but recently twist as been define in redesigning is not the clients that rules... but WE ( allow me I include myself ... ^_~)  Design Engineering fueling the change.

I`m lucky, I had the opportunity to attend the seminar workshop "PRODUCT DESIGN INSPIRED BY NATURE" organized by Vector Data held yesterday at Discovery Suites Hotel, Ortigas. Very informative and inspiring. Doing masterpiece out of what is available in nature. True, that there is nothing much appropriate to use as inspiration than nature in creating things much useful, where nature provides everything. Especially the biological forms, which already proven for being highly efficient and functional, and of course all of its unique characteristics that makes it more interesting. A spy plane inspired from bats and a car from a jaguar are just two examples how nature works in designs.

(images from Google)

Aside from the inspirations that nature could give, of course we need also the best tools to make all things possible and visible before in our very naked eyes. Altair: Innovation and Intelligence is one of the top software provided for product design and simulation, they had mark a very dramatic change with Optimization that they have. Making the product better, lightweight, less costly and faster but not sacrificing the quality and efficiency.

Another day of learning and gain knowledge and of course my tummy is full of yummy foods :)

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