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It`s the thought that counts :)

Going back to my table after our afternoon coffee break, I was puzzled when I saw the small plastic bag on top of my keyboard. And opening it, I was surprise seeing two pieces of matchbox and Po key chain inside. My heart jump to happiness and I can`t take my smile off to my face.... ang dami ko talagang saya!!! At once, I knew who gave this... Mr. Nakashima, he knew very well I love this little cars.

Saying thank you through email, he replied to me, that it was the most delayed birthday gift. Yes it was super late,  but for me it doesn`t matter if it`s late or whatever... It was the thought that count most. To be remembered and to received a gift from one person is overwhelming. I can`t thank enough, it really makes my day super happy.

Though, this also makes me feel the fact that he`ll be leaving soon...

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