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Petiks :)

Funny it seems, but it was the hardest hours inside the office.  You have to make yourself busy with something nothing. These days that we don`t have much work load to do. No job request arrive.  Petiks modes are common to all. ( hehehe.)

As the four boys, keep clicking their mouse, zoom in, zoom out, rotate clockwise, rotate counterclockwise. drag up, down, to the left and right. If the model can complain, it does already, good thing it has no choice but to go with the flow, swing along whichever the right hand and fingers may stop and go.

Tik tak toe :)... clock is on! but seems so slow. Everyone want to drag clock`s hand to make it 3:10 for coffee break or better yet 5:25 for handover and then go home.  One day is over! For next day, nothing is sure but need to be ready for another PETIKS day to endure or much to enjoy!

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