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I`m Goody Girl

One of the attitude of HiM that sometimes I don`t like is, He don`t know, to say "NO" on favors that some friends or relatives ask him. When I ask, Why?.. He`ll just say :, I can`t say, No, I can`t turn them down.(grrhhhh)

It`s good that your partner knows how to give a hand to other people, especially to those who are close to him. But what I don`t like is, sometimes his own schedule were also compromised, and his in trouble fixing all stuff.

For that, even it swing my mood, I have to be a goody girlfriend ( hehehe ) .  I have to support him all the way, one thing that he needs in times of trouble is my support, not my nag and complains.. ( it can wait, anyway) hahaha!!!!

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