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Unusual without HiM

HiM went home for couple of days to Bicol for the favor that his Tito asked to him. For those days, I`m not comfortable that we`re distant apart. Not, because I`m worried that he might play around. But, I feel unusual knowing that he is miles away from me. Here in Manila, I`m in Taguig and his in Pasig, and its fine. It`s really different that he is in Bicol and I`m in Manila, it drives me crazy thinking over, if he is okey, if he eat already and  I keep asking when he`s coming back. (over!!! hehehehe )

Plus, added to my anxiety is, he is not replying to my messages, if he does, too late!. Also, sometimes he wasn`t able to answer my calls. ggrrrrhhh! And most of his reasons are, his little busy because some friends come over to their house, he fall sleep, he left his cellphone, he got lowbat... etc!

Good, yesterday he`s back, we`re in normal phase again, hehheehe! Although, I really miss Him. And we have dinner date last night, he keep on saying sorry on what he did in Bicol, for not replying on my messages and sometimes not answering my calls, and for being "pasaway na boyfriend".But he said, he will make it up to me. Yahh!, he should be, or he`ll be punish. Oh, just kidding! I love you too Hon :)

Ferry Joy  – (May 16, 2012 at 5:04 PM)  

ngaun lang nakapag blog :) ang daming post about HIM.. talaga naman!! baby na din!! hehehe

>> ganyan talaga gerl, I know the feeling.. hanggang ngaun ganyan ako kay popoy, basta hindi kami mag kasama. amf, alam mo yan!!!

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