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Triplets: Joy, Ann, and Grace

Baby brings joy to the family. If one baby can make a family happy, how much more if they are three.  I have triplets cousins, May Ann, Mary joy, and Mary Grace. I saw them when they were born, they are really cute and identical. I was able to baby sit them when they are about months old. And most of the time I got confused
who`s who if they don`t have name tags of their baby dress. But, as they grow up, some deference were also identified between them. Shape of the face, depth of dimples, and some small visible marks.

Their family is not well off, their father income is just enough, or sometimes less for their needs. I witness, how these three have their rice coffee instead of milk when they are just 1 year old and up. Yet, they grow strong and healthy in God`s grace. Now, they are really grown ups, beautiful and smart.

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