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Air Fair :-(

Since Christmas vacation is coming I got in mind to have already my plane ticket going home to Bicol on 24th of December. So, I go for an online booking. But I was shock with the air fair price, it double its price since the last time I visited the site, I think it was just August. I`d rather booked it earlier, or during the last time I have my inquiry.

Now, I`m having a 2nd thought if I`m gonna take a plane or better go home by Bus. If I go by Bus, I can save half of the price, but It would be a 13 hours travel by land. If I take the plane, double the fair, but 45 mins air travel only and 2 hours travel by land i`ll be home. haiisst! Other thing I need to consider is, if by Bus, I need to leave by evening of 23th so that I`ll be home by Christmas. If by plane, morning of 24th or even in the afternoon would do...

I need to decide ASAP!!!

elmo  – (October 13, 2011 at 3:21 PM)  

i'd rather go for a plane ride.since its for holiday season air fare trends to go up.where in bicol are you heading. i have relatives in naga. :)

-FBT UBT Galore

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