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Done with the New Two

For more than two years working with my current company. I can`t say that I already have a big accomplishment because I know I still have lots of things to study. If we`re going to talk about skills of individual associates when it comes to our software we`re using, I`m one with the least compared with the associates that only have more than one year tenure.

But, personally, I`m very happy for what I`ve accomplished. I may have the most least skills, but I`m been part on how other associates gain their skills. I feel proud for myself, not for boast, but it`s a nice feeling that somehow, you`ve been part of individual growth.

This week, I finished my training for the new two associates. I officially turn over them to my seniors and they are ready to start with their official job schedule.

Goodluck Kristine and Mau. Nice working with you both.

rona  – (November 7, 2011 at 3:17 PM)  

GILAY!! Musta na ka?

Congratulations! Ikaw ay nagtamo ng award sa blog ko. Mangyaring i-claim lamang ang award sa blog kong At Home Ako Dito, sa link na ito:

Hihintayin kita don!


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