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Rain or storm

Due to typhoon Pedring and Quel, swimming for my birthday celebration with my office friends has not come to reality, plus the fact, some of them are not available to come. But, I have always an alternative plan, as always... Alabang is fine!!!

Weather is not good last Saturday, typhoon Quel is roaming around, specially on the north part. But, it doesn`t stop us to have fun and enjoy. And on the sad note... some people who say yes and confirm that they will join, wasn`t able to come, for whatever reason they have... doesn`t matter. ( hihihi )

Thank you, Leopotzkie, Wafu, Hepreyo, Ms. Rhe and Marenelle! I really enjoy the night. Hope you enjoy also... hehehe! Sana nabusog ko kayo with my simple treat. I really have a great time as I ended my b-day celebration this time. You Guys, make my day!!!

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