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U make smile :-)

Around 8:30 pm I received an email on my Lotus Notes with the subject "inquiry". I open it at once to know what is the inquiry all about... Just starting reading its content, I almost want to laugh as loud as I can. But I resist myself, for I`m in the office, and I know all of them would ask why and what I`m laughing at... and they would called me crazy... hehehhe

Though it`s just a short mail, like a note... just asking something. But I`m so pleased and overwhelmed, that after I read it, a big smile left on my face. I`m really touched... and I almost don`t know how and what to reply.

Talking about, returning gifts... I couldn`t asked for more. I`m happy that this person been part of my journey. This person may not be always here but will never be forgotten. I know from the fist time I saw this person... My heart already liked and loved the presence.

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