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Things Faded

"There is no such regrets in life, because we learned" - inspired by Sir Jun

We always feel regretting when we get hurt, when we failed or any that
do not satisfy us on what we want things to be.

Every now and then, we make decisions, we have our choices.
And every decisions we make, every choice that we have, has
an inevitable consequences a head, it may favor us or it
may not. Yet, both are essential.

When things go wrong and hurt us, we want to closed it immediately.
We tend force ourselves to forget everything, but end up
getting worst, and mess us up more. Forcing ourselves to forget,
is not necessary because eventually, things faded at a time.

kha  – (October 16, 2011 at 11:56 AM)  

seriously I never regret anything from my life. though gaano kasakit oh sobrang mali man.. I take it as lessons. That's how I view life. charge to experience lagi.. besides I will never be happy as today if those falls and mistakes never happened in the past. They are all part of our happiness today and in the future .. everything is set to happened!

imy gilay! :))

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