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If the intention of reasoning out is to defend me, I really appreciate, yet I totally disagree on its context. Because for me, things that failed prior, should not be blamed or used as a reason on things that not being done... because it will turn to a total pathetic alibi.

Yes, it mention clearly... "just to defend and to explain", the question is, does the person your are addressing wants or asking an explanation for it? Does the issue has a concern on what was scheduled on the past months, or it has only have to do with is the present and the upcoming loads?

Sometimes, giving example is the best way to explain things, but make it sure to connect it clearly and justify it very well, especially when names are being cited. Because if not, you will be totally misunderstood.

I`m not mad, because my name has been mention, but I was totally disappointed on how it`s being explained. Yes, I it`s true that the task given to me, early of this year, has not been successful, because of some technical problem, that I wasn`t able to solved, and because of the limited resources that I have. But I gave my 100 % effort to come up with the best result. I feel numerous pressure, and personal things been drag of, put at stake and now lost already, though I know work and personal should always be separated, and I`m not directly pointing it, but honestly it does and sometimes it`s too difficult to put boundaries between the two when you feel too much pressure and you just want to have some comforts. And as it was explained and used as reason on why other things are not being done, it sounds to me, that all those months that I`m working with that particular task, was a total waste of time. Given, it was not established, but for me, it should not be used as a reason why other things were not given attention. Because, say, task given to me has been successful, what would be your the reason now???...

If I misunderstood things, I`m sorry... maybe explained things better next time. In my full understanding, the issue is for all, maybe it give more emphasis on me but it`s not all about me, or any in particular, in short no one is excepted, regardless of the position and skills... because even the experts have to know new things about their fields. And for me, it is much better to do a concrete plan on how to deal with the issue, than do explaining!

rona  – (October 19, 2011 at 7:40 PM)  

Hi there lovely gilay. I hear so much disappointment here. Relax ok? Nakakapangit yan. Ganito na lang, sugurin na natin? Ano? Pambihira sila, grabe! Nag-iinit dugo ko. Saglit magchi-chill lang ako. Hihi.


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