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Life really amazing. I`m emotionally at stake last Saturday, I don`t want to stay at home, and just be at my room. So, I drag Mhean to go out just to chill and get used of the time. Mhean arrived minutes earlier at National, the moment saw her and I go inside the store, I`m already in tears, good that I have eyeglasses it wasn`t obvious. When she give me a hug, my eyes totally broke... what I deed is I make a little hops, just to shift the intensity of my emotion, and some people eyes already on me, but then I feel better!

We both agreed to watch movie, instead to have a bottle of beer. Going up to the movie theater, Mhean is chatting with me, that everything will be okey, I don`t have to think it much... blah blah...then suddenly I stepped on unflat tiles and I almost lose my balance, lucky that I`m holding at mhean`s arm that makes me not fall, but the best bloopers is, my sandals been ripped off... it was embarrassing, but it make us really laugh, and it makes me feel good, great,even...

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