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Surprised B-day bash for Boss

Our group plan this surprised B-day bash for our Executive Manager, Mr. Nakashima, a week ago, since I`m the only beautiful gurl in the group, I`m the in-charge with the preparation, and I`m so excited doing all the stuff.

We talked about what the gift we`re going to give, we want it something unique, so our first choice is, we`re going to give him a small statue of himself, cartoon personalized statue, but sad to say, we`re not able to pursue this because it`s not already available in MOA. So, we decided to give him polo shirt instead, and an organizer notebook as my personal gift, since the synthetic coating of his organizer are already fill-off.

For our food, we have pacint canton form Ms. Angel, chicken bucket of KFC, coke and of course we have cake from Red Ribbon, choco mocha crunch flavor, and the b-day boy got a hard time blowing the magic candle. ( hehhehe ).

Happy birthday Mr. Nakashima, more years with us. We love you ^_~

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