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Happiness with Harry Potter

I`m a big fan of Harry Potter movies, so I always make it sure to watch it the big screen... even I have to drag someone out of his/her schedule just to be with me watch Harry Potter...

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II - It All Ends... for 10 years who tag along with this, no one want to miss it ends.... and I`m one of them.

Before July 14, I already convinced some friends that we`re going to watch Harry Potter by July 22... and the plan is all set and okey... but due to certain circumstances happened the day before July 22, it all blow away.

But God is really good, He don`t want me to be sad the whole weekend. Ate Lala visited us at home since our brother is there, because he is schedule to take exam in La Salle by Saturday morning. To my sweetness, I asked my ate to treat me and kuya Nono to watch Harry Potter... though she don`t have the option to say No... for it`s to seldom for us to be with our only brother... winner!

By Blessing... and this is the first time that the three of us watched movie together... Happiness!!!

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