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Schindler's List

It's Saturday: have a break... watched movie on DVD!!! This movie Schindler's List was also shared to me , so asked for a copy of it.

A story of a businessman, a war profiteer and a member Nazi Party, saves thousands of Jewish people by employing them in his company during the Holocaust of World war II. Directed by Steven Spielberg.

This is one of the best movie with a great story I ever watched. I had a teary eyes while watching, feel pity to those people being murdered for no reason at all. But, movie makes me cry on the last part when Mr. Oskar Schindler have to leave and say goodbye to his workers, when the letter signed by all his workers and the ring they made secretly, it was made from the gold dental bridge of one of his worker, handed to him, and Mr. Schindler cried, realizing he could saved more by selling his car, his badge or any of his valuable things...

No doubt why this movie is a box office hit and won numerous awards. The film really worth it.

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