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A celebration of Life and death

We`re overjoyed when someone in born, and We wept for someone`s death.

Today is July 4th, a very special day in our family as we commemorate and celebrate Life.

July 4, 1996, when Papa dead. 15 years passed and we miss him so much. Though, if I would sum up the days that I`m with him, it would be less than 365 days. But the memories I have with him, is more than enough so I can remember him. His laugh and smile, the way he talk, his embrace and touch, his kiss on my forehead. Everything about him, everything with all his love.

Two years after...

July 4 1998, Andrea was born, the first Apo ( grandchild ), my first Niece. She is 13 years now. Smart and good kid. Stubborn sometimes (hehehe) but very loving daughter and sister to her younger brother Louise.

We`re so blessed to have Papa and we`re so proud for Andrea

Techie She  – (July 6, 2011 at 9:46 AM)  

two significant events, one same date. yeah, it's indeed a good date to celebrate life and the blessing of having a wonderful dad.


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