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R&D bonding

We talked about it a month ago… no proper planning and preparation being done, but the day has come, August 13, 2010 and we made it… “We really had a great time”. 

This is the first F-tech outing supposedly, GA and R&D associates will go together to have fun and bonding, because R&D associates will be separated due to shifting schedule will start next week, but it’s not an official company activities that we have, it’s just our own plan… but due to some reasons and circumstances… the outing ended with the R&D group only. Sorry, to Ms. Ferry, I know your to much excited to this... but... maybe we still have next time, prayers for your nephew, he will get well soon...

Ms. Angel, Ms. Mizpah, Sir Gelo, Sir TJ, Sir Ian and myself, (except for sir Eric, Sir Jun and our two Japanese big boss because they are special guests… hehehe) we’re six left to pursue the outing. Since we’re the group who planned for this, we are entitled for the expenses and budgeting… and this is the most exciting part, as much as possible we’re trying to lessen the expenses for us to have less contributions, (sorry mga kuripot kami eh!!!) but the fact that we’re just six head left we have to contribute more than to what we have planned and expected… heheheh, we’re all saying … “yes, guys we can make it”… motivating ourselves due to the budget that we have, we’re too desperate to make this outing fun and successful, we try to ask some donations from our friends from the other group… huhuhu!!!

5:25 PM come, chime is on the air… this is it… huuhh!!! A little worries inside but too much excited. Our service is Sir gelo’s car and he is also our driver… wow, great driving huh… this is one thing I will never forget in this event … when our great driver, cut between the two big bus on the expressway with the speed of 100kph, grrhhhh… we’re too close to heaven, I feel my soul was left behind… (I really scream... friday the 13th pa naman) thanks God, bus didn't hit us… We drop by first on Walter mart to buy utensils; our too boss come with us… the “buy” become “grocery galore” hhehehe, thank you to our President for the grocery… we have lots of foods and drinks … 

Time to looked for the venue… it’s already past 7:00 pm we’re still on the road looking for a private pool, first spot… 3K,swimming pool still no water, grrhhh!!! Everyone is hungry… but still the excitement is there, we’re having an adventure… 2nd spot… 5k, place was good, but too expensive for us, not within our budget… 3rd spot, 3.5k, good place also, sir ian try to negotiate, ok… closed deal to 3k… but upsss ,one voice speak up… “No, I want the other one”… “Sir, that one is too expensive, it’s ok here”… “No, I’ll pay”…… wooow!!!! Angels singing on the air… Glory to God… we’re so blessed and Lucky.

Foods, drinks, videoke, billiards, and swimming pool… hayyyy… really had a great time, everyone is enjoying… we had a best bonding together… as a co-associates and friends, between the boss and the subordinates …we talked everything on the water without hesitations and awkward feeling to one another…

Indeed, the outing was successful, Thank you so much, to our President and to our EMG for shouldering all the expenses, it’s our pleasure to have a bonding with you. To sir Jun, for the best too spicy sisig, I love it… to Sir Eric, for coming with us, in spite of the family schedule that you have… you’re the best, to our two senior engineer, Ms. Mizpah and Sir Ian, for the food that you shared, two thumbs ups and to rest of the guys, thanks for the shared “chikas”, laughter and fun…(*_*)

To all of us, goodluck to our new shift schedules… let’s try to look for the brighter side of everything that we do… don’t forget to enjoy life even in a busy day!!! Chill… ^-^

f e R r y j H o i  – (August 14, 2010 at 10:43 PM)  

crossed fingers for another bonding.. I know it will going to be more complicated for us, pero I know mangyayari yun ^-^

Thanks for understanding gerl, yeah sobrang excited ako, kaya siguro naudlot!!! thanks for the prayers gerl, we are still need it..

Ma mimiss ko kayong lhat :-(

Gilay  – (August 15, 2010 at 2:53 PM)  

for sure we can find ways... tayo pa, hahahha

you're always welcome,,,yap... mamimis ko din ang buong alabang group!!!

see you on monday afternoon!!!

healing power for him...

sam  – (November 2, 2010 at 7:41 PM) q lng nabasa..hehe'

haysss.. kakamizz!!!!!!

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