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DOS MIL UNO, is our highschool batch name, we are the batch 2001, graduates of St. Anthony Academy, Gubat Sorsogon. Our batch had really great bonding, even most of us is quite busy in all our own schedules... of course we're all grown ups, have own responsibility in life we're taking into account. But we still find ways to see each together and have great time, and expect it, that when we're all in the same place... its a big buuuzzzzz of happiness...!!!

Last night, we had a get together at Forest tent, Festival mall Alabang. Two of our batchmates and dear friend are celebrating their birthday this month of August, Ate mich and Dadan, Ate mich is August 6, and Dadan is last August 2, heyyeeeyyy! they treat us. Although, I expect more attendance, because it has been plan a week ago, we're just eight arrived... most of the reasons are conflict on work schedules...weeehhhh, lolz!!!

As plan, we're going to met each other at National Bookstore, Festival at 6:00 pm???, me, I can't really make it, because I'm coming from Laguna after office at 5:30 pm. I arrived, at 6:15 pm in our meeting place, but still no one is there, as I expect, 'coz they are always late... hehehe, next to me is ate Mich, followed by Dadan, osang, mean, but the worst is this tw0, jonpot and rocelo... they arrived almost 8:oo pm, but reasons are accepted they also come from their duties... the best is, they still make it to be there... Also, ruel just followed us at the Forest tent.

We had our dinner at KFC, after we ate, this is the best part, have a lots of bucket of beer... while catching all our stories, talking all the pictures of highschool life... common same old stories... but still everytime, we used to laugh with it... bwwaaahhhaaaa!!! and of course, the picture picture taking for souvenirs, the camera is always present... ^_^

One night, would not be enough... and to those you didn't make to be with us, hope to see you all next time. Again, no goodbyes just see you later and until next time... we may be separated for a moment, by distances and our own schedules, but once you are a DOS MIL UNO you are IN, everyone is part of each others life, and no one can take it from us.

Indeed the night is awesome, we really had a great time, thank you to the two b-day celebrant, and to all our friends who are celebrating there b-day this month, we wish you all the best in life.

FYI : I arrived at home 4:00 am... hehhehe

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